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What is the Tesla Former?

The Tesla Former is a medical device that has been designed to use functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) to tone and build muscle in various areas of the body. FMS technology is able to induce muscle contractions which are capable of building muscle cells quicker than can be stimulated by normal strength training in the gym. These muscle contractions are termed as supramaximal. This treatment modality is also known as HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) technology.

The other important benefit of these supramaximal contractions is they can encourage the release of free fatty acids which accelerate the breakdown and utilisation of fat deposits right in the area being stimulated. In other words, FMS not only builds and tones muscle but stimulates fat loss as well!


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Why choose FMS?

FMS is a perfect adjunct for people already doing an exercise routine in the gym, helping to give particular areas a substantial boost or difficult to improve areas that need an extra push!

The Tesla Former has two areas where it is particularly suited and these two areas can be the two where many people have difficulties getting best results: the abdominals and the gluteal muscles or abs and butt.

Having a flatter stomach and a nice well rounded firm butt are two areas that can really make a difference to how your body looks. For some people not blessed with favourable genetics this can be difficult to achieve. This is where the Tesla Former comes into its own; directly helping to improve these two areas in short time and minimal effort.

Emsculpt is the Tesla Former’s closest competitor, however it’s not really a competitor at all.

Our Tesla Former emits more power and has greater versatility. It is also a medical device as it is used in muscle, joint and pelvic floor rehabilitation programs by physiotherapists.


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Studies have shown that humans are unable to fully activate muscles voluntarily. The power of muscle contraction is limited by the firing rates and conductivity of our neural pathways. With the application of FMS, we bypass the nervous system and directly stimulate the motor neurons in the muscle which allows a full muscle contraction and supramaximal tension without relaxation.

This muscle contraction is therefore of much greater intensity than we could perform due to our biological limitations. Hence why we call it supramaximal.

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Muscle Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia.

This is where FMS gets very interesting. It is known that muscles normally increase in size from resistance strength training from a process called hypertrophy in humans. This is when the individual muscle cells themselves increase in size by increasing the fluid and enzyme content within. Some people are born with more muscle cells than others or in particular areas of their body. This gives them an advantage at some sports and they are also able to grow bigger muscles more easily from weight training in those areas than someone with less muscle cells.

The term Hyperplasia refers to an increase in the amount of cells in an organ. Muscle hyperplasia is therefore the increase of muscle cells within a muscle. This is a highly controversial subject and has been debated in scientific and bodybuilding circles for years. That is, if it indeed occurs or can occur from high intensity strength training.  Some muscle training experts believe it does occur in individuals who spend years training in specific muscle building sports. However, studies had not been done to prove this. A very recent study has been done with FMS and it did show that muscle hyperplasia occurred along with hypertrophy. However, it was not done on humans. The study was done on pigs. The inferior competitor to the Tesla Former; Emsculpt™ have mentioned in their promotional material that their HIFEM device will cause muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia in humans. It appears that the chance that HIFEM therapy may do this in humans as well is very high. This has not been proven to date, so we prefer to be totally honest and not promote a beneficial effect to be 100% until this is clearly evident.

However, it is very exciting that the possibility of muscle hyperplasia could be occurring in humans after FMS treatments, as this was thought to be only possible with professional athletes as a result of their intense training routines. This shows how intense these supramaximal contractions actually are!

We believe that the combination of regular weight training and FMS therapy could yield an even greater result than either alone, given the implications of possible muscle hyperplasia.

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Abdominal tone and strength.

Who doesn’t want a better looking midsection?

Telsa former is very well suited for targeting the abdominal muscle group. The supramaximal muscle contractions that it stimulates in this area is equivalent to 50’000 contractions in a 30 minute period. This would be almost impossible to replicate through exercise in the same period of time.

FMS will also recruit almost 100% of the muscle fibres in these contractions. During normal abdominal training approximately only 40% can be utilised. This is why we call these contractions “supramaximal” as practically all the muscle fibres are being stimulated by FMS from the Tesla Former.

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Lift and shape the glutes.

The Tesla Former can make targeting muscles in the butt such as the gluteals easier for some people. Exercises that stimulate muscle growth in the gluteal muscles can be difficult to perform in the gym due to age or previous injury. They also require a lot of effort and good form to do correctly as they are large muscle groups.

The supramaximal muscle contractions that FMS delivers can build and tone the gluteal muscles without putting undue stress on the lower back. Lower back muscles can also compensate for weak gluteal muscles.

Improving a muscle weakness in the gluteal region can also help remove the strain from the lower back muscles as they may be compensating for a lack of support from weak gluteal muscles. These are the largest muscles in the body and can be underdeveloped or lack strength due to large amounts of time sitting.

Not only are there positive aesthetic reasons to tone and build the gluteal muscles but there are also very positive postural and functional reasons to strengthen this area.

Talk to us about how many treatments may be required to make a noticeable difference to this area and how it can help to also perform some exercise in the gym with these muscle groups for even better results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Am I suitable for Telsa Former?

    Tesla Former is suitable for most people wanting to improve muscle definition and size in areas that the device can target.

    However, Tesla Former does not replace exercise, and therefore works best on people who are currently exercising and have a healthy BMI.

    We suggest that candidates with body fat percentages over 25% should engage in a fat loss program first to get the best results. Upon consultation we can advise as to when it is best to start using the Tesla Former. Individuals who are already reasonably fit and exercising will get a greater benefit from undertaking FMS therapy.

    There are some exceptions with regard to who can do the treatment and those are listed in the section below.


  • What should I expect from a course of FMS treatments and how many will I need?

    Results can be seen after the third treatment or sometimes felt even after the first. However, a course of 6-12 sessions is needed for a reasonable change in muscle tone and size.

    For someone who has built muscle before in the area being treated, results can show earlier and be greater after a course than in someone with little fitness history.

    We can advise in detail during a consultation how the treatment may work for you and how many sessions we think you may need.

  • Is there any downtime after the treatment?

    There is no downtime post treatment. Some muscle soreness the next day may be apparent in some individuals, however this is usually not significant.

    Some individuals may experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) 24-48 hours post treatment.

  • How long does a Tesla Former session take and what does the treatment feel like?

    Each session of FMS takes 30 minutes to complete and no preparation beforehand is required. Sessions are usually spaced at least a day apart for a particular same body part.

    The treatment will feel a little odd the first time as the muscle contractions feel involuntary; the muscles contract by themselves via stimulation from the device. You will adapt to this quite quickly. We will gradually build the intensity of the exercise suitable for your own limits at any given time.

  • Who is the Tesla Former treatment not suitable for?

    Any of the following would indicate someone would not be suitable for the treatment:

    Under the age of 18

    Cardiac pacemaker


    Metal implants

    Copper IUD (Plastic IUD is suitable for treatment)

    Cardiac medical conditions

    Serious illness such as cancer

  • The Tesla Former compared to other FMS or HIFEM devices.

    There are only two devices approved for use with FMS technology by the TGA in Australia at this time. The Tesla Former and Emsculpt™.

    Where these two devices differ is the power they can deliver and the applications they were designed for. The Tesla Former produces approximately 50’000 contractions per 30 minute session and produces 3 tesla of energy. This machine has been designed for both aesthetic and medical applications. Emsculpt™ produces 20’000 contractions per 30 minute session and 2 tesla of output. Emsculpt™ has only been designed for aesthetic application.

    The term tesla is a unit measurement of magnetic flux density which represents the strength of a magnetic field. The Tesla Former has been named after this term and the term itself has been named in honour of the brilliant physicist Nicola Tesla of the 19th century.

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Tesla Former single session $305.00
Tesla Former 10 session pack $1600.00

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