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Sydney massage


Drift away from all your stress

with any of our professional

massage therapies.

Sydney massage treatments  

Massage treatments.

Enhance recovery and promote total rest

Everyone needs some form of relaxation to enable the body to recover from the stress’s of everyday life.

Massage forces a state of relaxation when you find it difficult to slow down on your own. 60 minutes of professional massage is equivilant to many hours of self induced relaxation time, not to mention all the other benefits of muscle tension release therapy, lymphatic drainage and aiding blood circulation through the muscle network.

Its just a wonderful thing to do for yourself!

Gift vouchers available for all treatments

Swedish massage

A classic massage technique, Swedish massage treatments are a proven way to stimulate circulation, nourish your tissues, flush out toxins and comfort tired muscles.


For absolute relaxation and calmness throughout your whole body experience the healing touch of Swedish massage. An experienced Swedish massage therapist can produce dramatic influence on the health and mental condition of the person being massaged.


0.5 hour  $60.50  1 hour $100.50



Massage treatment Price
One hour full body oil massage $100.50
Half hour oil massage $60.50


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