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Brazilian waxing Sydney.

Professional waxing service for men and women.

Brazilian waxing specialists.

All about the male and female Brazilian.

The Brazilian wax is now very common for women and men.

One of our most requested waxing services!

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Why choose us?

We have coined the phrase “Manzilian” our version of the male brazilian, now copied by many…

However, we are still the best at waxing your most delicate area.

More experience than anyone!


Male Brazilian waxing and female Brazilian waxing are a fairly intimate form of waxing, so it’s important to make sure you know what to expect.

Of course, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, however below you’ll find answers to some questions you may have about the procedure.


So what actually happens when you have a male or female Brazilian wax?

The procedure is a simple one, but as it involves such a personal area, we always ensure that our clients are relaxed and feeling completely comfortable first. If you have any concerns or special requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate for this. We always ensure that all of our equipment and facilities are completely hygienic, and use only medical-grade gloves and single-use spatulas.

The wax we use for a Brazilian is different to the kind of wax you may have seen used on  the rest of your body. It is a hot, non-strip wax designed especially for more sensitive skin that’s applied directly to the hair, then quickly removed after it’s dried.


The main concern people have regarding the Brazilian is – does it hurt?

This can depend on a few things – how sensitive your skin is, whether you have been waxed before and how strong your pubic hair is. Our hair removal specialists are so well trained in our own techniques we have developed over many years, that your treatment is usually over in such a short time. You will experience the most efficient and minimal discomfort wax possible.

Because of the sensitive nature of skin around the pubic region, it can make things easier if the skin around the area to be waxed is held taut. You may be asked to help out with this, especially in areas where there’s no bone or muscle underneath. Some people also choose to have the hair in their gluteal crease removed. This is a personal choice.


So what should I do after my wax and how long does it last?

After waxing we apply a soothing lotion to reduce any discomfort you may be feeling. Results usually last anywhere from four weeks to two months, however you’ll find that the more often you wax, the slower and finer your hair will grow back.

If you are interested in a more permanent solution to less hair in the area, we can offer Laser hair reduction in all  the same areas as a Brazilian wax for men and women.

So there you have it – the Brazilian wax. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us, or drop by to check out our Spa in Darlinghurst and meet our friendly professional staff.

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Why choose us?

For the ultimate in Brazilian waxing for men & women, we use the best wax available and have developed superior techniques for the most thorough and comfortable treatment available in Sydney.


Brazilian waxing treatment Price
Women’s Brazilian wax $65.50
Manzilian standard wax (inc buttocks) $80.50
Manzilian XXX wax (inc buttocks) $90.50
Front Manzilian wax (buttocks not included) $60.50
Buttocks wax for men (including gluteal crease) $45.50
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