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Sydney Body Treatments

Detoxify and cleanse with our Dead Sea Mineral

Mud wraps and Dead Sea Salt scrubs.

Be wrapped from head to toe.

treat your body to a unique and relaxing experience.

All our wonderful hydrotherapies and body treatments are performed in a specially designed cocoon which encloses the body in a temperature controlled environment. Indulge yourself in the Neoqi Cocoon. Revitalizing and stimulating cell metabolism activity, this treatment is designed to eliminate unwanted toxins, relieving stress and fatigue.

An invigorating combination of therapies: aromatherapy, steam, pure water, vibration massage and marine minerals are used to detoxify and cleanse the body.

Dead sea salt body exfoliation.

Expert exfoliation is the best way to stimulate cell renewal and leave your skin feeling soft, alive and tingly. This essential treatment uses the superior exfoliating action of the dead sea mineral salts to remove dead skin cells and soften and hydrate your skin. Regular exfoliation is the perfect way to rediscover great skin.


Indulge yourself with our full body salt exfoliation.

Treatment includes steam sauna in our hydrotherapy cocoon, Vichy shower and full body moisturise.


$150.50 Time: 45 mins


Gift vouchers available for all treatments

Detox mud body wrap.

This indulgent body mask of dead sea mineral mud, rich in minerals, is the ultimate detox experience. Recommended for its impressive marine properties this unique mask promotes gentle balance within the body.


This relaxing warm body wrap soothes away tension while eliminating toxins from the tissues. A cleansing ritual designed to stimulate perspiration and allow for the maximum absorption of these reviving sea minerals.


This treatment includes a full body salt exfoliation, followed by the above rich mud wrap, with steam, vichy shower and full body moisturise.


$180.50 Time 60 mins



Treatment Price
Full body salt exfoliation $150.50
Detox body wrap and exfoliation $180.50
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